what they don’t tell you: a poem


what they don’t tell you


What they don’t tell you is the utter pain your heart feels when you are grieving

Grieving life, grieving love, grieving goodbyes so unpredicted, permanent

leaving you shell shocked, hollow

It is physical, hardly fluttering

Debilitating, blinding



What they don’t tell you… this pain is a Trickster

An eye of a storm, the storm itself

A tidal wave coming, going, deceiving

You, thinking you are going to be okay


What they don’t tell You

there will never be complete escape

coming back,  vengeance

Turbulence, demonic downburst destructively spreading

destroying lucidity      and


Your healing…


What I will tell you

Tears, love from honesty

Keeps fading away

into the oblivion      of




z. (October 5, 2013)


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